Pool Solar Heating

Wintermode Solar Controller


Wintermode Solar Controller

The efficient controller for your Pool Solar Heating System. Suitable for Sun + Solar Systems. The Sun+ Solar Controller turns the solar pump on automatically for maximum heat efficiency from the sun and your system. The controller monitors the pool water temperature and the water returning from the solar panels. Also allows you to set your desired pool temperature.

The Wintermode Controller runs the solar system every hour between 8am – 6pm. The Wintermode Controller switches on and test the temperature of the water returning from the panels by pressing the up button when the system is running the unit will display the difference between the water going to the roof and the water returning (heat gain).

The Wintermode Controller is accurate to within a degree Celsius. The Wintermode Controller allows you to set your optimum temperature with the up and down buttons. The controller has a built in time clock and a 10 year battery backup, it also comes complete with Hot and Cold sensors.

The unit is suited for all pool Solar heating systems