Pool Solar Heating

HS300 Panels


HS300 Panels

HS300 Pool Solar Heating Panels extend your swimming season for the whole family.

The HS300 Panels is highly efficient in the heating of your swimming Pool. With the modular design it is easy to install and extend at any time.

Autumn Solar has been installing and developing pool solar heating systems for the past 25years. We know the best solar heating option for your needs, Trust a company that know.

You will require up to 75% less collector area than regular pool solar heating systems.

With the modular designed barrel union connection system. It is quick for our experienced team of solar installers to install.

You will experience higher temperature returns, than regular solar heating collector due to the revolutionary designed insulated panel.

The fully automated Sun + Controller is required with each installation to ensure that you gain the most efficiency from the sun. *based on a north facing roof 25°C.

Our solar systems are used in projects by many experienced pool builders, architects and major pool equipment specialists.

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