Eco-Minder Saltwater X50


The ECO Minder CD/S unit is an innovative system which allows you to dose your pool automatically or on a manual function. Has a built in saltwater chlorinator complete with optional Automatic Solar controller.

There are two digital chlorinator models available:

CD: Two-In-One Chlorinator + Doser
Features two digital time clocks for pool filter operation. Variable self cleaning salt cell timer and chlorine output control. Protection from Pump dry run with automatic shut down. A 10 year Battery Backup system. Digital timer clock for doser operation. Pool Light Timer, and available in a choice of 20g, 30g and 50g of chlorine per hour models.

CDS Three-In-One Chlorinator + Doser + Solar
The CDS features all of the benefits of the CS 2-in-1 system, along with a built in solar heating controller with pool temperature display.

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