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Slimlight OVAL BLUE Underwater Pool Lighting System

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Slimlight OVAL BLUE Underwater Pool Lighting System

The Slimlight underwater lighting system illuminate your pool at light, making it safer to swim in and enjoy. Slimlights use technology that meets current Australian Standards, as well as advanced, low energy electronics for worry free installation and operation. Pool Light has 180LED and can be either complete white ,complete blue or multi coloured globe. The Multi coloured globe consists of red, green and blue LED allowing 7 different colours with multiple functions. Child proof mounting points.

Pool lights can be mounted in all pool types concrete, fibreglass, liner pools and existing pools as a conversion.

Pool Light comes with a 12month replacement warranty

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- 42mm in depth from the pool wall.
- INPUT Min. supply voltage 10Vac 50/60Hz,
- INPUT Max. supply voltage 12Vac 50/60Hz
- OUTPUT Max. 20watts at 12Vac

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