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Conversion Pool Light Kit


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Conversion Pool Light Kit

The Chameleon Pool Light Conversion Kit allows your to convert your old style pool light to the new revolutionary Chameleon pool lighting systems. The lights range from ROUND 180LED Globes and Oval 309LED Globes.

You may also need to purchase a 12Vac 100watt weather proof transformer as the Chameleon Pool Light will not operate on any other voltage than 12Vac.


Parts Included:
1 x Universal Mounting Bracket.
4 x 20mm Titanium Screws
2 x Crimp connectors
1 x 5inch Heat shrink

Converts Brands:
Spa Electrics - Surface Mount
Aqua Quip - Surface Mount
Stroud - Compact 150
Waterco - Old & New styles
Poolrite - Old & New styles

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